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Based on the lore of the Warframe faction, Steel Meridian has come to mean a family-type gaming clan without prejudice towards religion, race, or sexual orientation. Loyalty and comraderie supercedes the games we play if we allow it and this is what the group will always strive for. Any structure within the clan is for its own benefit and growth. 

We ask that you leave the trolling outside of the group. 18+ only. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis so inquire within. 

We focus on coop gaming in general but we do play Guns of Icarus online competitively and casually. We do teach all roles to understand the "Big Picture" of the game and allow you to feel out your best role. As is with Squad and Overwatch as well.

Those searching for the same values may apply within.

Current Sentinels




Terror Dance


Balatro Optimus




Papi Bear Grace


Evil Doc

Mostly Harmless/Revan






We have many comrades, and associations to the group but these are the core that have made Steel Meridian what it is today.  Come check us out!  We are always recruiting kind, and teamwork capable individuals!

Steel Meridian Logo contest is currently underway as well.  40$ to the Winner by June 1st recieved in Steam Games  If interested don't forget to join our discord and apply to the group on steam.