The Steel meridian Member fund is a perk of this group.  We use the funds within to better the clan whether it be servers or gift a game to a member in need.  Only two of us have full access to the funds with the proceeds being voted/decided on by majority vote.  We have been together for awhile and perks like this set us apart from the rest.  All amounts from 1.00$ to 10,000$ are accepted and will be used to better the clan as a whole.



OneYobbishThug is our first recipient of funds donated to the member paypal.  The group agreed on purchasing Overwatch for him though he did donate some of his own. Now help us wreck faces!



Steel Meridian Logo contest is currently underway as well.  40$ to the Winner by June 1st recieved in Steam Games  If interested don't forget to join our discord and apply to the group on steam.